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Featured in The Independent (14 August 2005)
Featured on Three Counties Radio (17th December 2008)
Featured in Bristol News (26 May 2009)
Featured on BBC Look East (14th April 2011)
Featured in Intertraffic World (December 2015)

PR for Green Investment Bank: Interviews with BBC Radio Solent, U105, BBC Newcastle (twice), Isle Of Wight Radio, Sunrise Yorkshire, BBC Norfolk, BBC Radio Lancashire, Palm 105.5, SFM Radio, Juice 107.2, UCB and BBC 3 Counties (4th February 2014)

Presented The History Of Street Lighting Lanterns to the ILP Midlands Section at SAPA Pole Products on 23rd June 2011
Author of The Richardson Candles for the 20th Century Society (Twentieth Century Architecture 11: Oxford And Cambridge, February 2014).

Loaned a low pressure sodium lantern for the Elements Exhibition at the Science Gallery, Dublin and Bergamo Scienza, Italy in 2011

Author of the Light on the Past column in the Lighting Journal.

"The road is lit with up-to-date and modern lighting which makes visibility very difficult." - Witness at Highgate Police Court, Daily Star 7/6/39
(This was the evidence given by an impartial observer in Highgate police court in 1929[?], repeated in The Star (7/6/39) and again in Public Lighting July 1939. However all may not be as it seems. "Some people tended to regard this as a humorous remark of as the comment of some ignorant person who did nto recognise good street lighting when he saw it, but I suggest it was a well-merited and justified criticism of the many installations that were put in just prior to that time" - English, 1947 Conference Paper)

"Gittens", The London Evening News
Reproduced in Public Lighting #35, October-December 1944

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