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eslas in kings lynn

war memorial #1

This clock tower was built after the First World War as a memorial to those in King's Lynn who died on the front. It was extended and rededicated after the Second World War. It was distinctive enough to be mentioned in Pevsner's Lincolnshire.

Recently it was refurbished and moved to the side of the road.

Whoever did so, also left the ESLAs on it.

sodium eslas #1

Unbelievably, at some point in the past (probably after the Second World War), someone thought it was a good idea to use four ESLA Bi-Multi "AL2/S" Two Way lanterns to light the clock faces.

Unbelievably, they've been fitted with either mercury or SON bulbs.

And, of course, we tried to get them.

sodium eslas #2

After several calls and enquires, it emerged that the local archivist and historian was adamant that these lanterns should remain. Even if they were electrically dangerous, they would be disconnected and kept. After all, they were original to the clock tower (debatable), and the tower was an important local landmark mentioned in Pevsner.

sodium eslas #3

As the clock tower was presumably originally situated in the centre of the roadway, these four ESLAs would've been used to light the carriageway and clock faces. However, since its move, these lanterns are rather surplus to requirements. And considering the wrong bulbs have now been fitted, they would not do a good job at lighting the clock faces either.

One day I'll look up Pevsner and find out what he did write. "Characteristic and pleasant clock tower situated in Kings Lynn. Elegant lines quite spoiled by four gangly extraneous mirror lanterns."

Thanks to Chris for the tip-off.

"I have just come across your site, especially the article about the four ESLA lanterns fitted to the Gaywood clock war memorium. I thought you may be interested to know that they are mercury vapour lamps as I have noticed them on many occasions. I live near to Kings Lynn and have a high interest in highway lighting too."

"The effect does look quite good at night when all illuminated and creates quite a contrast to the higher power high pressure sodium lanterns used to light the highway" - Keith

© Keith 2008