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Z.8181 "One-Eighty" lantern.

Lantern opened with reflector removed to show choke, capacitor and starter.

Sectional scale drawing.

The polar curve shows light distribution in a vertical plane through the maximum intensity and is based on an average lamp light output through life from an 80w. OSRAM fluorescent lamp. (3,040 lumens).

"One-Eighty" Lantern.

Catalogue Nos. Z.8181

Use 25 ft. mounting height; 50-60 ft. spacing; on narrow roads central suspension will give the best results, but on other roads it will generally be necessary to adopt a double-sided arrangement.

This lantern has a cut-off distribution and no light is emitted above the horizontal. The peak candle power is at about 60 deg. to the vertical and above this angle the intensities fall off very rapidly.

The excellent colour rendering of the 80 watt OSRAM fluorescent lamp makes this lantern suitable for use in shopping areas and wherever pedestrian traffic is heavy. The low wattage and type of light distribution makes it necessary to use the lantern at short spacings.

It has also been found that cut-off lighting gives the best visibility at roundabouts, where normally the number of lanterns that can be seen may cause confusion. The photographs of page 53 show an installation of these lanterns at Bournemouth.

Lamp One 80-watt OSRAM fluorescent lamp, either Daylight or Warm White.

Mounting Two clamps on the lantern roof secure the lantern to a horizontal bracket arm which must be a minimum length of 4 ft. Bracket tubing of ¾ in. - 1½ in. gas cane be used. For spanwire suspension, spanwire clamps are provided. The lantern fitted with auxiliaries weighs approximately 38 lbs. (17.2 kgs).

Lantern Body The body is made of copper, with a cable entry at one end. The lantern is totally-enclosed by a hinged glass door which is secured by two catches and when opened enables the interior to be cleaned or the lamp replaced. There is an inner reflector running the length of the lantern immediately above the lamp. Removal of this gives access to the fixings provided for the G.E.C. choke, capacitor and starter. An earthing screw is provided.

Focusing The lamp is carried in specially positioned spring clips so that no focusing is necessary.

Optical System The lantern is white enamelled internally and shaped so as to provide suitable control of the light emitted from the lamp.

Weathering Finish The exterior of the lantern is finished glossy aluminium with a suitable undercoat.


Quantity Net Weight Gross Weight Volume
(85.2 Kgs)
(127.3 Kgs)
44 cu. ft.
(1.25 cu. metres)

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