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Clearside Z5350/1/2 & Z5354/5/6 Lanterns
For Osram Tungsten And Mercury Lamps

Specification Clearside 5350/1/2 and 5354/5/6

Side road lighting; 15 ft. mounting height; spacing 100-120 ft. for best results; road width up to 30 ft. The lanterns can also be used for space and area lighting.

Z5350 and Z5354: 60-200W Osram tungsten filament lamp, B.C. cap.
Z5351 and Z5355: 80W or 125W Osram MB/U or MBF/U mercury lamps, 3-pin B.C. cap.
Z5352 and Z5356: 60-200W Osram tungsten filament lamp, E.S. cap.

Top entry, the lantern is tapped 3/4 in. B.S.P. and locked to the bracket by a 1/4 in. dia. Allen-type grub screw.

Lantern Body
Die-cast aluminium alloy. The Z5354 range have a white enamelled reflector plate which carries the single piece prismatic glass dome refractor. The refractor is held by two stainless steel spring clips. The Z5350 range have a plain white enamelled reflector plate and no provision for a dome refractor. An earthing screw is provided.

The lampholder can be either B.C. or E.S. for use with Osram tungsten filament lamps or three-pin B.C. for use with Osram MB/U or MBF/U mercury lamps.

The lampholder is mounted on a cranked bridge-piece carried on stepped lugs within the lantern body; these provide adjustment for the various wattages and types of lamp which can be used.

Optical System
The Z5350/1/2 lanterns have a white enamelled plain reflector plate, held in position by three screws.

The Z5354/5/6 lanterns have provision for a prismatic glass dome refractor giving three alternative types of light distribution:

  1. Z6502 (reference letter 'S') symmetric all-round distribution.
  2. Z6508 (reference letter 'N') 160 deg. non-axial asymmetric distribution.
  3. Z6514 (reference letter 'A') axial asymmetric distribution.
Note: The reference letter for the type of distribution required should be quoted after the catalogue number when ordering.

Weathering Finish
The alloy used is specially selected for its resistance to corrosion and is specially finished to give a pleasing appearance.

The Z5354 lantern showing the lampholder and prismatic glass dome refractor and mounting plate.

1. (right curve) Light distribution in a vertical plane through maximum intensity.
2. (left curve) Light distribution around the lantern at 81° to the vertical.

Direction intensity ratio: 3:2 (for 200W lamp)
Light above horizontal: 5% (for 200W lamp)
Light output ratio: 89% (for 200W lamp)

The Polar Curves of the Z9354N lantern are based on an average lamp light output through life from a 200W coiled coil Osram lamp (2725 lumens average).

Light distribution data are given for the guidance of the lighting engineer and represent the average results of laboratory tests on a number of lanterns taken at random from stock. The data are based on the lamp characteristics stated; if the latest lamp efficiency is different, the candela or lumen values should be calculated in direct proportion to the relative lamp lumens.

Lantern Weights
Z5350/1/2: 2lb (0.91 kg)
Z5354/5/6: 3lb (1.4 kg)