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Clearspace 8451 Lantern
For Osram Fluorescent Tubes

Specification Clearspace 8451

Side road lighting, mounting height 13-15 ft (3.96m - 4.57m), spacing 80-100 ft (24m - 30m). The lantern is also very suitable for decorative garden, promenade and balustrade lighting, new housing estates, space lighting in front of offices, blocks of flats, halls, etc.

Four 2-ft (0.31 m) 40W Osram fluorescent tubes type MCFA/U.

Post top spigot cap for a 3in (76.2 mm) diameter x 3in (76.2 mm) high spigot. The lantern is secured by three 7/16 in dia. Allen-type grub screws in the spigot cap.

Lantern Body
In the main, the lantern body is a 'Perspex' cylinder through which run two parallel straps carrying the tube operating gear, which is supplied fitted in the lantern. The straps also carry the locating clips for the fluorescent tubes. The cast-iron spigot cap is secured to the centre straps.

A double aluminium spinning is incorporated in the top of the lantern. This receives the upper rim of the 'Perspex' cylinder making a weatherproof seal when the main body is closed. A cast aluminium knob screws down to make the lantern totally enclosed and weatherproof.

Optical System
The opal 'Perspex' cylinder provides a diffusive symmetric light distributionn.

Weathering Finish
The cylinder is made of 'Perspex'. The finial and all top and bottom spinnings are of aluminium. All are finished a handsome high gloss bronze.

The lantern with 'Perspex' cylinder and top spinning removed showing lamp arrangement.

The polar curve is based on an average lamp light output from four 40W Osram Warm White Fluorescent tubes (5,280 lumens average).

Light distribution data are given for the guidance of the lighting engineer and represent the average results of laboratory tests on a number of lanterns taken at random from stock. The data are based on the tube characteristics stated; if the latest tube efficiency is different, the candela or lumen values should be calculated in direct proportion to the relative tube lumens.

Light distribution in a vertical plane through maximum intensity.

Lantern weight: 22½lb (10.2 kg).

Part of an installation of Clearspace 8451 lanterns at Ely, Cambs.