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south metropolitan gas company

South Metropolitan Gas Company
Regis House
King William Street
London EC4

Map Of High Pressure Gas Public Lighting System Of South Metropolitan Gas Company

Devised a light actuated controller for gas lamps in 1937/8 for use in schools for children with defective sight. This was adapted in conjunction with the Gas Light And Coke Company for use with street lighting. The controller comprises: a photo-electric cell, a sensitive galvanometer relay fitted with maximum and minimum contacts, 3V dry battery and a spring-motor actuated street lamp controller. The complete unit with the exception of the cell is included in an iron box; the cell can be placed in any suitable position. The operation is:

  • Daylight falling on the cell produces a current the magnitude of which depends on the intensity of the light.
  • The relay, operating on the principle of a moving coil galvanometer, is actuated by the current.
  • When the moving coil is deflected it carries with it a conductor which makes contact with one of two points depending upon the amount of current produced by the cell.
  • This conductor completes a circuit a energies, by means of a dry battery, a small electromagnet, attached to the starting lever of the spring motor - this operates the gas cock.
  • As soon as the gas cock operates in either the on or off position, the contact to the electro-magnet is broken, current ceases to flow from the battery, and the contacts of the relay controller are changed over.
The 3V battery will give many months of service. The spring of the motor requires rewinding after 150 operations of the gas cock. Patent number 460155. It was also sold by Sugg. - 1938 Paper, 1938 Journal

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