hellingly | the gt hine lock-in

The security guard walked his beat, eyeing the dilapidated buildings with bored familiarity. The morning was fresh and bright, and he was happy to be out in the warm, clean air; a last chance before the temperatures turned, the days gold colder, and the path turn muddy and treacherous.

He was also familiar with the security fence which now occupied his full attention. He’d reached the furthest, most remote part of the fencing, and it was here that most damage occurred. Vandals, thrill seekers, arsonists, drunks, druggies and even the hospital’s lone dweller all battered and tested the defences here.

He sighed. The fence was breached yet again, the two sections hanging open, the connecting assemblies removed. This would not do. He then started to scout around the area, trying to find something to temporarily close the gap.