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Gamma Six on 1510 steel column
atlas gamma six lantern

In Group 'B' lighting installations both the aesthetic appearance and the performance are of great importance. The Gamma Six has been designed to provide these features.


Special Features. The lantern is designed for use with either fluorescent mercury, sodium or tungsten lamps. The canopy and bowl are detachable in order to facilitate ease of cleaning and maintainance. Neoprene gaskets form the weatherproof joints around the canopy bowl and base and a washer of the same material provides the same protection around the canopy retaining cap.

Optical System. The opal diffuser bowl gives a symmetrical distribution.

Materials. The lantern base is cast from silicon aluminium alloy and the lantern canopy is spun aluminium. Other materials used are heavy gauge mild steel plate and round bar. A glass braided heat resistant cable is used for internal wiring.

Finish. The interior of the lantern has a zinc plated finish and the casting is stove enamelled aluminium. The interior of the canopy has a stove enamelled gloss white finish, whilst the exterior is stove enamelled aluminium.

Installation. The lantern requires a 3" diameter x 3" long spigot which is firmly engaged by 3" x 3/8" B.S.W. socket headed screws. A cable cleat and ceramic terminal block are provided for the incoming cable.

Lamps. 80, 125W MBF/U, 45, 60W SO/H or SOI/H and 40W SOX, 150, 200W tungsten.

Catalogue Numbers.
PID/F/A.1060 45-60W SO/H or 40W SOX
PID/F/B.1125 80-125W MBF/U
PID/F/E.1200 150-200W GLS

Polar curve based on average light output from 40 watt SOX lamp of 3870 lumens.
Technical Data

ATLAS Lamp:40 watts OSX
Average light output throughout life:3870 lumens
Light output ratio:0.86
Light output ratio above horizontal:0.29
Light output ratio below horizontal:0.57
Light output below horizontal:2200 lumens
Light output per 100 linear feet of roadway at:        
    80 ft. spacing:2750 lumens
    100 ft. spacing:2200 lumens
    120 ft. spacing:1840 lumens
Conversion factor for 60W SOI/H:1.24
Conversion factor for 80W MBF/U:0.72