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This aluminium-bodied lantern houses one 55W low-pressure sodium (SOX) lamp, and is available with integral control gear or for use with loose control gear mounted in the column base. Either version is available with or without NEMA socket and single-part photocell and acyrlic or vandal resistant bowls.

MI 8-055XBSOO - Lantern without control gear.
MI 8-055XBSGO - Lantern with integral control gear.

Especially suitable for the controlled lighting of minor roads, and for other applications such as :-

  • Security lighting
  • Residential lighting
  • Car parks
  • Hotel forecourts
  • Shopping precincts
  • Railways stations

  • Corrosion-resistant die-cast aluminium body (LM6M), primed with zinc chromate and stove-enamalled grey outside, white inside.
  • Acrylic refractor bowl injection-moulded to close tolerances to ensure effective light control and made to a constant thickness to eliminate inbuild stresses.
  • Stainless steel hinges on one side of bowl and stainless steel catches secured with non-slip rubber inserts hold the bowl securely yet enable it to be opened easily for relamping. The bowl is easily removed for cleaning.
  • Durable, resilient gasket made from distortion-resistant, close-cell plastic foam prevents dust and water from entering between bowl and canopy.
  • Side entry mounted, with entry for 76mm maximum of 1in BSP (34mm o.d.) plain barrel spigot, secured by two socket head screws.
  • Available without control gear or with integrally-mounted and wired gear mounted on white stove-enamelled steel tray, hinged at spigot end to drop down for easy servicing. An ignitor circuit - low loss control gear - may be fitted instead of conventional auto leakage tranformer on request.
  • Available with or without NEMA socket and single-part photocell.
  • Rigidly-mounted BC lampholder and lamp support maintains correct light distribution. Lamp support is covered by glass-fibre silicone rubber-impregnated sleeving.
  • Light distribution conforms with requirement of BS 5489 Part 3 for Class B5/6 luminaires, requried for installations with conform to CP 1004 Part 3.

  • Canopy: High-pressure die-cast aluminium LM6M, zinc chromate primed and stove enamelled grey outside, white inside.
  • Bowl: Injection-moulded acrylic.
  • Bowl clips and hinges: Stainless steel.
  • Gear tray: Sheet steel, stove enamelled white.

  • Group B roadlighting lantern for loose or integral control gear. Integral gear mounted on hinged tray. Fitted with acrylic refractor or vandal resistant bowl. Spigot entry for 34mm o.d. spigot. Available with or without NEMA socket. For use with 55W SOX lamp. Compiles with requirements of BS 5489 Part 3 for Class B5/6 luminaires required for installations which conform to CP 1004 Part 3.

To specify state:

  • Group B roadlighting lantern for use with 55W SOX lamps, fitted either with integral gear on hinged tray or with provision for mounting remote gear. The lantern shall comply with the requirements of BS 5489 Part 4 for Class B5/6 lighting, and shall be as Philips Type MI 8.

Lamp typeLumensLamp Lamp Total CapBallastPFC Ignitor
VoltsCurrentCircuit Capacitor
MI 8-OO - Loose Gear
55W SOX71501040.680BCL4045BXL4016/07-
55W SOX71501040.675BCL5035BXL4016/07-
55W SOX71501040.668BCL6355L4006/07SX71
MI 8-GO - Integral Gear
55W SOX71501040.675BCL5035BXL4016/07-
55W SOX71501040.668BCL6355L4006/07SX71*
*Supplied with low loss gear on request.
Light Output Ratios
Light Output Ratio: 0.80
Downward Light Output Ratio: 0.72

MI 8 used for security lighting
Catalogue No.DescriptionWeightWindage area
(kg) PlanElevation
MI 8-055XBSGOLantern for 55W SOX with integral control gear7.400.0860.081
MI 8-055XBSGO*1Lantern for 55W SOX with integral control gear and NEMA socket7.650.0860.081
MI 8-055XBSOOLantern for 55W SOX, for loose control gear2.720.0660.061
MI 8-055XBSOO*1Lantern for 55W SOX, for loose control gear, with NEMA socket2.970.0660.061
Add suffix /VR to Catalogue No. for vandal resistant bowl.

Please order lanterns in the form given in the following example:-
80 Philips lanterns MI 8-055XBS00
80 Philips low-pressure sodium lamps 55W SOX
80 Philips ballasts L6355
80 Philips PFC capacitors L4006/07
80 Philips Ignitors SX71

Note that lamps and control gear for lanterns without integral gear, should be ordered separately.
All lanterns are individually packed.

Made in Great Britain