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public lighting no. 3 vol. 1
September 1936

An Interesting Conference Group p59
Picture of the main dignitaries at the conference.
APLE: Conference

Reply To The Association's Loyal Message p59
"The King sincerely thanks the President, Members and Delegates of the Association of Public Lighting Engineers, now in conference at Cheltenham, for their loyal assurances and good wishes" (signed) Private Secretary
APLE: Conference

The Camera Man "Snaps" A Few Of The Delegates p60
Pictures of various delegates outside the town hall.
APLE: Conference

Annual Conference At Cheltenham: Civic Welcome And Opening Of Conference p61
Opening adddress by the Mayor (Councillor D. L. Lipson, M.A): "... Public lighting engineers could rightly be called "artists," for surely artists were those who revealed to us beauties which, although they existed, we were unable to see before. Certainly even to those who had lived in Cheltenham all their lives and who had thought that they had known their public buildings well the lighting had revealed beauties which they did not realise were there. Therefore public lighting engineers could rightly claim to be producers of beauty." This was followed by a brief talk given by Sir Charles Bressey, C.B. on behalf of the Ministry Of Transport and a reply of thanks by Immediate Past President Mr. A. Maurice Bell. (Sir Charles Bressey, C.B. was the Chief Engineer to the Ministry, the officer responsible for the future layout of the roads converging upon the Metropolis.)
APLE: Conference

Annual Conference At Cheltenham: Message From The Minister Of Transport p62
A message from the Rt. Hon. Leslie Hore-Belisha was read by the President. "... As for safety, you secure it in two ways. You bring the evil doer into relief and make his sinister intentions harder to fulfil, and you give us a visibility which diminishes the risk of accident. In this sphere also may you bring us even greater benefits! ... I appreciate the help your members have given, both corporately and in many cases individually, in the work of the Departmental Committee which is now considering the question of street lighting."
APLE: Conference

Annual Conference At Cheltenham: Presentation To Retiring President p62
Mr. A. Maurice Bell is presented with a certificate and badge and is greeted with prolonged applause.
APLE: Conference

Annual Conference At Cheltenham: Presidential Address p63-67
Enitre copy of of the opening paper by Edward C. Lennox, M.I.E.E..
APLE: Organisation, Lighting: Specifications, Statistics: Accident Data, Lighting: Authority Organisation, Lighting: Theory

Annual Conference At Cheltenham: Presidential Address p67
Announcement that the new Vice-President is C. I. Winstone.
APLE: Organisation

The Exhibition p68
Details and pictures of many of the manufacturers at the exhition held in the Winter Gardens. Includes descriptions of Automatic Electric Company, Limited (1), Simplex Electric Company, Limited (2), Venner Time Switches, Limited (3), Curtis Lighting Company Of Great Britain, Limited (4), James Keith And Blackman Company, Limited (6), British Commerical Gas Association (7), Horstmann Gear Company, Limited (8), Weston Electrical Instrument Company, Limited (9), Radiovisor Parent, Limited (10), The Gas Meter Company, Limited (11), Patent Satefy Ladder Company (12), The Electric Street Lighting Apparatus Company (13), Foster And Pullen, Limited (14 and 15), British, Foreign And Colonial Automatic Light Controlling Company, Limited (16), Philips Lamps, Limited (20 and 21), Strand Electric Engineering Company, Limited (22), The Edison Swan Electric Company, Limited (24), C. H. Kempton And Company, Limited (25), REVO Electric Company, Limited (27), W. Parkinson Company, Limited (28), William Sugg And Company, Limited (29), The British Thomson-Houston Company, Limited (30), Gowshall, Limited (31 and 32), The General Electric Company, Limited (33), Walter Slingsby And Company, Limited (34), Engineering And Lighting Equipment Company, Limited (35), Holophane, Limited (37) and Siemens Lamps And Supplies, Limited (38 and 39).
APLE: Conference

A Wonderful Example Of Floodlighting By Gas p75
Description of the floodlighting of St. Gregory's church which was lit by 32 10-light No. 2 size Parabolic Projector type lamps made by Sugg.
APLE: Conference

Cheltenham 1936: Some Reflections by Captain W. J. Liberty p76
500-600 Members, Delegates and others attended the conference. Liberty suggests that the increasing interest in public lighting is due to the extended use of the highways by the increase of "mechanically-propelled traffic." He then briefly outlines the events of the Conference. He considers the conference the best yet, especially for the outside display of road lighting throughout the town.

"What makes the Association Conferences somewhat different from other conferences is that with the A.P.L.E. Conference the town enters into it. It is not a Conference behind closed doors, the public are invited to the Exhibition. It is also in the thoroughfares. The "man in the street" also has a part in it, the ratepayer, shopkeeper, and the residents all take part, as was evidenced by the crowds that thronged the principal thoroughfares until nearly midnight to view the excellent street lighting, the flood-lighting of the principal buildings, churches, flower gardens and fountains, truly, as one remarked, "a city of light." So eagerly had the Conference been anticipated that the railway and coaching companies had made special arrangements for bringing the people in from the surrounding towns and taking them home at a late hour. So great was the crush nightly to view the illuminated interior of the Parish Church that the doors had to be closed upon crowds of disappointed sightseers. On one evening, I am informed, 1,500 passed through the doors. The municipal season was also extended one week beyond the usual time, and the military band retained over that period, whilst the coach excursions followed suit; in fact, the county of Gloucester seemed to have entered into the proceedings."

"It was my privilege to remain in Cheltenham after the Conference, and the members had departed, and so great was the interest displayed by the public in the street lighting and flood-lighting that it was decided to continue the same over the weekend, and a Special Service was held in the flood-lighted Parish Church at 9.30 p.m. on the Sunday following the Conference."

"I understand from the local Press, published since the meeting, that the special street lighting is to remain in operation until the end of the month. It is understood that the contractors have consented to this with the purpose of allowing the Cheltenham Electricity Committee to view the installations with a view to purchase, following the grant of 500 voted by the Town Council recently."
APLE: Conference, APLE: History

From The President: A Message To The Members by Mr. E. C. Lennox, M.I.E.E. p77
Summary of the Conference and thanks to those who took part.
APLE: Conference

The Radiovisor Unit p77
Brief description of the Radiovisor, Parent controller with a picture of a typical island refuge with lamp and guard posts in Chiswick.
Lighting: Control

Cheltenham Conference by H. W. Gregory, M.I.E.E. p78
A continuation of the discussion of the paper Electric Street Lighting Progress by W. J. Jones, M.Sc.. Gregory argues for an extention of lighting hours, not from financial considerations but on sociological grounds. He summarises that one could obtain approximately double the lighting hours for an addition of only 25% of the total cost.
Lighting: Installations, Lighting: Lamps, Lighting: Levels, Statistics: Road Data

Public Lighting p79
Description of improvements of the gas public lighting in Oswaldtwistle.
Lighting: Installations

Floodlighting At Cheltenham p79
Pictures and details of floodlit buildings in Cheltenham including The Queen's Hotel and The Parish Church.
APLE: Conference, Lighting: Installations

Purley Way, Croydon p80
Details of the new four mile installation along the Purley Way which is lit by 235 Wardle Liverpool units centrally suspended.
Lighting: Installations

Addlestone's New Lighting p80
Details of the new Sugg installation in Addlestone.
Lighting: Installations

Habits And Customs Of The Past That Live In The Present p80
Description of how a light is lit in the hall of a house in Temple, London, which marks an ancient privilege and right of way. It is maintained by Westminster City Council and not the tenant of the house. The lamp lighter enters at twelve midnight and kindles the light and on his round in the early morning he re-enters with a latch key and extinguishes it. The light is the remaining symbol of a right of way formerly enjoyed by the residents of that small street, giving them the power of proceeding to a spring of water in the basement of the particular house which was at one time their sole water supply.
Lighting: History

Seaside Lighting: Southport's Gas Scheme For The North Promenade p81
Very detailed description of the new gas installations in Southport for the North Promenade and for all bus routes.
Lighting: Installations

Lighting Notes p82
Brief descriptions of lighting schemes in Northampton and Stratford-On-Avon.
Lighting: Installations

Sir Francis Goodenough Retires p82
Biography of Sir Francis Goodenough who retires from the post of chief executive of the British Commerical Gas Association.
Lighting: Personnel

Marine Garden Illuminations At Bognor Regis p83
Detailed description of the new scheme of decorative electric lighting installed in the Marine Park Gardens by Mr. H. A. Harding, A.M.I.E.E. The scheme includes a large number of decorative lighting units of unique design studded about the gardens. Some of the units were specially made by the GEC.
Lighting: Installations

Street Lighting In Bombay p84
Brief description of new gas lighting installed in Bombay by J. B. Blackmore, the Public Lighting Superintendent with the Bombay Gas Co., Ltd.
Lighting: Installations

Newly Elected Members p84
List of new members, junior members and associates.
APLE: Organisation

Adverts: The General Electric Co., Ltd, Foster And Pullen Ltd., REVO Electric Co., Ltd., William Sugg And Co., Ltd., Philips Lamps Ltd., The British Thomson-Houston Co. Ltd., Radiovisor Parent Ltd., Gowshall Ltd., The Horstmann Gear Co., Ltd., Simplex Electric Co., Ltd., British Commercial Gas Association, Gas Meter Company, Siemens Electric Lamps And Supplies Ltd., Bromford Tube Co., Ltd., James Keith And Blackman Co., Ltd., Concrete Utilities Co., Ltd., Holophane Co., Ltd., Stewarts And Lloyds Co., Ltd., Alder And Mackay Ltd., Walter Slingsby and Co., Ltd. and W. Parkinson and Co.