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Some more additions to the collection: Holophane Open Refractor, GEC Z9536, ELECO HW918, GEC Z9554 and an ESLA Bi-Multi Two-Way AL 165.

And they keep coming: here's number three.

And the second example of a dreadful streetlight can now be found here.

I've not updated the site recently for a couple of reasons (chief being having to work on my other sites, and getting bogged down by a huge AEI catalogue), but there is light at the end of the tunnel and normal service will be restored soon.

In the meantime, this image makes me laugh.

I've also started a gallery of dreadful streetlights from the past, which I'll be posting to the mailing list to gather some comments. The first example can be found here.

Added two new adverts from The Special Conference Issue of 1953: Philips and Stanton.

Some lanterns from a 1938 Holophane publication have been added.

My ESLA Bi-Multi Group AL One Way has now been photographed.

More, more, more: BTH Amber, GEC Z8254 (Deep Bowl), GEC Z8254 (Shallow Bowl), GEC Z8430CM, GEC Z9450, GEC Z9450, GEC Z9480, Holophane ???, Holophane ???, REVO C13723 and Thorn Beta 4.

Night shots of the BLEECO Hastings have been uploaded.

And still they come: ESLA Bi-Multi Group AL 160 105 95, GEC Z9484, Holophane ??? and Urbis ZX 1.

A BLEECO Hastings on a Lucy Medium Bracket has been fully restored.

And ESLA Bi-Multi Group AL 155 and GEC Z5590 NP.

And more: AC Ford 888, BTH Rural Enclosed, Industria 2600, REVO Goldcrest and Thorn Alpha 9.

Corrections to the collection (the names and catalogue numbers are now correct): AC Ford 424, ELECO HW922 Silver-Ray, GEC Z5643 and REVO C9225.

Lanterns newly photographed include a: ESLA Bi-Multi Group A 2-Way 175 Formed Glass, GEC Z8426, GEC Z9480-1C, GEC Z9564, Phosco P177, REVO Hyperion A, REVO Horizon Major, Thorn Alpha 5, Thorn Alpha 6, Thorn Beta 5 (new style) and Thorn Beta 5 (old style).

And AEI Amber, ELECO HW 505, ELECO HW 922 (different bowl), ESLA Bi-Multi Group A 2-Way 165 (with separate end-pieces), GEC Z55xx Small Wembley, GEC Z8260, GEC Z8526, GEC Z9554, GEC Z9554M, Philips MA 5 (ELECO GR 150), Philips MA 5C (ELECO GR 151), Philips MA 50, Philips MA 90, Philips SXK55 (MI 80), Phosco P225, Thorn Alpha 3, Thorn Alpha 4 and Thorn Alpha 6 with gear.

And complete pictures of my hooked BLEECO 677 Worthing and BLEECO Brighton bracket.

The contents of a general AEI catalouge have been uploaded.

The Phosco leaflets from the 1960s are further documented with the addition of Leaflet 6: Pendant Lanterns.

REVO's been discussed on the list recently, and I've jumped forward to add an early 1960s advert to the site (two pages) which details their popular (and classic) lanterns.

More, more, more. We have a: ESLA Bi-Multi Group A 2-Way 165, ELECO Golden Ray Mk VIII, GEC Z9543, REVO C9922 and a Whitecroft SRL35A.

And yet more! We have a: Wardle Gordon, Thorn Beta 2, Thorn Beta 5, ESLA Bi-Multi Group-AL 2-Way 180, REVO Lucidor A and a REVO Lucidor B.

More lanterns have been photographed from my collection: ELECO HW-5???-A, Phosco P121, Phosco P153, Phosco P777, REVO C14408/T Bell-Top and REVO Diadem.

Five lanterns have been photographed for the collection: REVO Eastbourne, GEC ZD10807, GEC Z5580 BP, GEC Z5580 DB and GEC Z5590 NP.

The Glossary and Timeline have been updated.

By starting the next issue of Public Lighting Issue 77, I've managed to add quite a few 1950s GEC lanterns to the website, as their two adverts featured pictures of all the popular models.

My collection is being moved around at the moment, so it seemed a good idea to start photographing and cataloguing it properly. Ten unrestored lanterns have been added to the full inventory.

One of the earliest catalogues in circulation, a 1914 GEC catalogue has been added to the site. I have a vast amount of GEC material, and the only way to sort it all out properly and methodically is to start at the very beginning.

Jumping to the mid-part of the century, more of the 1960s Phosco catalogue is now on-line.

All the street lighting adverts from the September 1953 issue of Public Lighting have now been uploaded, along with an article about the first installation of cold-cathode vertical fluorescent lanterns Liverpool Leads The Way.

And a GEC Z5560 has been added to the collection.

A new (well old) advert from has been added to the website and two new (well very old) GEC directional lanterns have been added to the collection: the Z5202 and Z5204 which were GEC's version of an ESLA.

The design and installation of the prototype City Of London lantern by Siemens has been uploaded.

More adverts have been uploaded for the September 1953 issue of Public Lighting.

All the ESLAs from 'the horde' (a collection of brackets found in a barn due for demolition) have been uploaded and can be found here: 1, 2, 3 and 4. The two 2-ways will be installed on matching wall brackets, whilst the 3-ways will be kept on their restored brackets.

Adverts are being uploaded from Public Lighting No. 76, Vol 18. New adverts include those from Automatic Light Controlling Company and Stanton.

Fixed some broken links, and then uploaded some 1930s REVO literature and the start of their street lighting fittings.

I've finished the latest set of BLEECO leaflets with all sorts of weird and wonderful tungsten, mercury and sodium lanterns.

Another account of Wardle's history has been uploaded.

The state of street lighting just before the war ended is expanded upon in this article from Public Lighting. It also covers the salient points of the 1935/7 MOT standards.

And my all time favourite installation is covered: Welcome to REVO City.

Lots of refractor lanterns this time. The Phosco P100 and P101 have been documented along with the BLEECO Brighton Junior and the decorative BLEECO Dome lantern.

A REVO Lodestar has been added to the collection.

I've gone slightly mad and added all the advertisements from the June 1953 of Public Lighting. And, like the last update, two new manufacturers are introduced: Concrete Utilities (the extremely popular concrete column and bracket manufacturer) and Tarslag (who are hardly worth covering really).

This left me clear to start on September 1953 and start adding the Wardle range to the website.