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Several new lanterns in the collection: a GEC Z5034 Large Wembley, REVO "Two-Bulb" lantern, REVO Prefect, REVO Junior Sol-e-tern, REVO Small Grey Wornum, Sugg Rochester and an Unknown Decorative Post Top.

Sections for the columns have been added to each manufacturer. Like the ranges of lanterns, these will give an ordered inventory of a manufacturer's output and link into their catalogues. New sections have been added for AEI, BLEECO, Concrete Utilities (brand new section featuring many of their columns and brackets), DAVIS, ELECO, ESLA, Girling, Hardy & Padmore, Metrovick, Poles Limited, REVO, Stanton and Stewarts And Lloyds.

I have added photos of:

I have re-photographed my:

Official site photographer, Lee Gale has been out and about recently, snapping the various relics still to be found on the streets of south London. He's found loads of ESLAs lurking in Merton Park and an amazing old Concrete Utilities Avenue 4D Lattice Bracket.

A Phosco Catalogue has been added which includes most of their lanterns from the late 1950s and early 1960s.

I have documented all the steps in a full restoration of a REVO Junior Sol-e-tern.

All the street lighting related advertisements from Public Lighting No 84 have now been scanned. The selected article tells the story behind the Siemens Kuwait lantern.

A Holophane French lantern has made it into the collection. It's joined by a REVO C14410/T "Bell Top", REVO Prefect, GEC Z5225 Faceted Reflector Lantern and a Thorn Beta 79.

More from the Highway Reference Book 1951: Stewarts And Lloyds, Hardy And Padmore, Johnston Brothers, Keith Blackman, Lucy and REVO.

I've restored another ESLA Bi-Multi Group "AL" Two-Way 165° on a Lucy Large Swan Neck bracket.

Advertisements from the Highway Reference Book 1951: ELECO, Hardy And Padmore, Siemens and Sugg.

And from the same book are some descriptions of the ranges by the GEC and Holophane.

Lanterns in the collection: ESLA Bi-Multi Group AL Two-Way 165°, ESLA Bi-Multi Group AL Four-Way 90° 90° 90° 90°, BTH Rural Open and ELECO Welwyn MK III.

Lanterns in the collection: AC Ford AC730, AC Ford AC848, AC Ford AC850, BLEECO 677, BLEECO Enclosed Sunstar (694), BLEECO Enclosed Sunstar (695), BTH Rural Open, BTH Urban Enclosed, Crompton Parkinson ???, Crompton Parkinson ???, ELECO HW846 GoldenRay MK VII, DAVIS GR70 Starline, ELECO GR 501, ELECO GR 551, ESLA Bi-Multi Group AL Two-Way 165, GEC Z55?? (Large Brim), GEC Z5354, GEC Z5580 B, GEC Z8228, GEC Z8425 (Horizal), GEC Z8591, GEC Z8601, GEC Z8832, GEC Z9460, GEC Z9491, GEC Z9531, GEC Z9532M, GEC Z9533, GEC Z9536 (Old style refractors), GEC Z9539, Holophane Post Top/Metropolitan Vickers Post Top, Osram Z8601X, Osram Z9464, Philips GT 51, Philips MA 30, Philips MI 26, Philips MI 36, Philips Cityvision CPS400, Philips SGS 201, Philips SGS 203, Philips SGS 204, Phosco P100, Phosco P101, Phosco P567, REVO Prefect (Mercury Prismatic Bowl), REVO C14408, REVO C14409 (Tungsten Prismatic Bowl), Urbis Linford, Thorn Alpha 5 (SLI), Thorn Alpha 2000, Thorn Riga, Thorn Beta 4, Thorn Beta 5, Thorn Gamma 6, Urbis ZX2, Urbis ZX2, Wardle Liverpool, Whitecroft Arc, Unknown #1 and Unknown #2.

Columns in the collection: BLEECO E66, REVO Moseley, REVO Groveland, ESLA 46 and a British Steel "Hockey Stick".

More leaflets from BLEECO have been uploaded. This details changes in design of their Prismatic Streamline Panel Lanterns.

A Wardle catalogue from 1910 has been uploaded. It has the weirdest names of any brackets and lanterns encountered so far.

A set of provisional leaflets from REVO details some of their new range from 1958.

Lee Gale has been discovering and photographing all sorts of interesting things in Wimbledon. And Tooting.

All the adverts from the Public Lighting #77 have now been unloaded. This includes pictures of the Venner, Sugg, Gas Council, Holophane and Wardle stands at the 1953 APLE conference. In addition, the write-up about Venner's stand has been included.

All the adverts from the Public Lighting #78 and Public Lighting #80 have now been uploaded.

I've started restoring my Wardle Liverpool.

I've started rewriting and rephotographing the fully restored lanterns in my collection. The first ones documented are the BLEECO Worthing (100W) and ESLA Bi-Multi Group "AL" Two-Way 165.

I've started rewriting and rephotographing the fully restored lanterns in my collection. The first ones documented are the BLEECO Brighton Bracket and ESLA Bracket.

And another Dreadful example of street lighting has been added to the section of shame.

Some notes on correct focusing.

The Timeline has been expanded with more notes for 1953 and 1954. There are also notes on street lighting and column design.

I've collected together some pictures of Stewarts And Lloyds columns and brackets which will be familiar to most.